Boost your business with NPS (Net Promoter Score) and Happiness Module Practical strategy to foster satisfied customers

This free download teaches you the best strategies to use methods that raise your customers’ levels of satisfaction to transform them into brand advocates. Retaining existing clients is more effective than generating fresh leads!

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  • What NPS is: learn how this indispensable mythology works to measure your customers’ satisfaction.
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Ultimate guide: 7 steps to create a successful automation workflow

Are you ready to completely change your marketing strategy? Our newest ebook is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand the value of automation, its advantages, and some key strategies for improving your digital marketing campaigns. 

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12 hacks for building a data-driven funnel

Did you know that 71% of customers demand individualized interactions from businesses and 76% become frustrated when this doesn’t happen, leading 3 out of 4 individuals to transfer to a different brand that more closely matches their interests?

These are just a few statistics that help put the value of creating long-lasting relationships with your clients and prospects into perspective. What is necessary to accomplish this? The solution is simple: a successful sales funnel. 

The best advice on how to create a funnel that leads consumers through each stage of the sales process and turns them into devoted clients can be found in this ebook. 

The Abc of email marketing


Learn in-depth about the role that email marketing plays in marketing strategy and how you can use it to improve the efficacy of your communications.

Executing actions around authentic communications will be essential to improving your outcomes because email is the king of online channels, with a return on investment of USD 42 for every USD 1 invested. The best advice on how to develop a close relationship with your consumers can potentially be found in this ebook.