Marketing Automation Trends that every CMO should Watch in 2022

It seems that the world is in a recovery mode, even though there’s still a long way to go, and the past two years have tested and impacted everyone, resulting in game-changing challenges for brands and their perspective about marketing in their future.

Marketing Automation emerged and grew considerably; many brands considered this technology thanks to the excellent results that led to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and customer retention during pandemic times.

According to Emailmonday, more than 75% of companies already use Marketing Automation in 2021. Furthermore, in a study conducted by Invespcro, 63% of companies plan to increase their automation budget in 2022.

Our experience has shown that knowing the trends isn’t enough, but it is also important to compare your company and align your marketing efforts to get those predicted results.

Thus, we bring you to these marketing automation trends to look into this 2022 

The All-In-One Model

We are seeing more and more mergers and acquisitions during these last years, leading the Marketing Tech industry to an All-in-one movement, where the brands can find: CRM, Marketing Cloud, Automation Platform, Onsite Pop/Up Banners, Data Intelligence, and multiple channels in the same platform.

Behavioral Data increasing a real Conversational Marketing

The pandemic empowered customers to demand frictionless ad streamlined interactions, pushing for full-scale efficiency for brands and more real 1-to-1 conversations. 

Customers are looking for more relevant communications through tailor-made messages, and each customer’s interests drive that.

It is only possible y companies rely on automated software to simplify the process and give prominence to the whole customer experience. 

Personalized email and communications, Automatically

Email is still one of the most effective channels in the digital world! It is still the channel with the most ROI: 42X then it plays a vital role in digital marketing. 

But getting those numbers is getting harder for brands; they need to think about delivering a tailor-made experience for their audience in every email and direct contact they do.  

Now brands can find Marketing Automation Software that can help them gather customer data from different digital channels, organize it, and provide automated messages through various channels at the right time. Some of those features are part of emBlue’s free plan.

Omnichannel finally will be here

For years we have been talking about omnichannel. Since the last two years, we have seen more receptivity on this therm and more implementations in companies. 

From more than 2,000 customers, our numbers reveal that when companies use more than one channel (email + SMS or Push and Onsite), they get 3x to 4x more on conversion rate.

Marketing Automation enables automated messages for various channels throughout different customer journey stages, improving the overall user experience. 

Two ways communications, The Chatbots and VoiceBot, are here to stay.

One-way communication is like a dead-end. However, customers are demanding brands to engage and interact more, and all the time, 7/24/365 conversational chatbots are one of the ways to address this challenge and will be one of the most important trends to follow in 2022.

It will be the future of direct marketing and one of the most effective ways that brands can demonstrate that they care about their customers.

Personalized conversations are now possible because of technological advancements and are close to imitating a human conversation without noticing it.  

The goal is to encourage seamless conversation, and the human workforce will answer deeper and specific requirements. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence everywhere

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are predicted to grow exponentially in 2022, allowing businesses to optimize campaigns using all available data; brands can have exponential success when you add marketing automation to the equations.

Sell more with up selling and cross selling

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What is SMS marketing?

What is SMS marketing? How to start a campaign SMS marketing? What is SMS marketing for? Learn how to use it, why choose it, what kind of messages to send and what are its main benefits in this note

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a sales and communication tool that uses the sending of massive text messages to mobile phones in order to achieve one goal : to announce offers, updates and important communications that seek to generate a sense of urgency in the user.

With mass SMS campaigns we can send messages to a very wide audience, anytime and anywhere in the world. The ease and effectiveness of this type of campaign make them an ideal complement to further amplify the results once omnichannel strategy.

Why choose bulk SMS?

In addition to the high percentage of bulk sms openings , the great advantage of using sms marketing is that the support where it is received are mobile phones. The time on the screen of users with this type of device, assures us that they will know that a message has arrived, through a visual or sound notification or both.

The Pew Research Center conducted a study on this: 98% of incoming text messages are read by recipients. And the time in which the receiver reads a received sms is within the first 3 minutes.

Another point in favor that will make you think about implementing an SMS campaign is that in recent years transactions and visits to websites from mobile have notably increased. According Bambú Mobile , in 2020 the smartphone was involved in 58% of all online acquisitions worldwide and the same was projected so far in 2021.

By connecting with customers on the same device where they make the purchase, you will not have to send them to another place, you will be able to insert your directing links to the url that you want and improve the user experience. Psst: as long as it is optimized to receive visits from phones;)

SMS marketing: ideas for your campaigns

Communicating through SMS represents an enriching challenge for our campaigns: communicating concisely and efficiently . This is a good way to highlight and highlight important information in our strategy for users.

SMS , in a comparison with push notifications , They must also be clear, precise and brief. Taking advantage of the 160 character limit that emBlue allows does not mean reducing the information, but it allows us to exploit creativity to persuade and seduce the user in a few words.

When and why send massive sms campaigns?

As we said, the mass sending of sms is usually used to communicate events or special actions and seek to generate a sense of urgency. Get inspired by some of the examples below:


  • Promotions or product launches , in which the user understands that it is a unique offer for him and for a specified time.
  • Discounts for the acquisition of a product related to another already acquired or exclusive services.
  • Events , such as webinars or special commercial dates in which you will find discounts in our store.
  • Reminders linked to monthly payments, voucher downloads, updates from our organization.

Advantages of SMS campaigns

There are many advantages of having SMS marketing in our omnichannel strategy and the most important thing is that this type of communication does not need an internet connection to receive them.

Our bulk SMS campaigns They will reach the proposed results if they are part of an orchestration of sales tools called within an omnichannel strategy. Can’t you think of how to unify your SMS with your current actions? Start by reading this note about sms and omnichannel that will surely help you

  • Possibility of programming shipping date, time and target group.
  • Unlimited shipments
  • Low unsubscribe rate
  • Possibility of response to interact with your customers
  • Message customization with identification fields
  • Receipt confirmation reports

How to start an SMS marketing campaign?

Surely you are already thinking about your first shipment and what to communicate in it, excellent! But before setting up your first campaign, take into account these factors that will be useful to optimize your results:

  • Control the number of characters
  • Do not include characters that are not universal in all languages, the recipients may not receive them and your message will be ruined.
  • If you are going to include links, use URL shorteners to be able to use more characters in the writing of your text.
  • Perform tests before sending to check that everything works as you wish.
  • Include your brand name in the message, so they can recognize you at first glance.

Do you need more information to implement your SMS marketing campaign? Our team is ready to advise you and implement your first shipment with you and throughout your omnichannel strategy, you just have to ask for it!

Frequently Asked Questions about SMS Marketing

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a sales and communication tool that uses the sending of mass text messages to mobile phones.

Why choose SMS marketing?

  • High opening percentage.
  • Low subscription rate.
  • Possibility of programming.
  • Increase traffic to your website.

When and why send SMS marketing campaigns?

  • Promotions or product launches.
  • Discounts
  • Events (edit)
  • Reminders